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Performing music is his passion

Bassoonist Liam Slabbert, 18, from Durbanville in Cape Town is this year running for the third time to clinch gold at the 2021 National Youth Music Competition. Performing music is his passion.

Currently, he is a learner at Durbanville High School. His musical journey started at age six, starting to play the recorder under the tutelage of Elsabet Rossouw. Three years later he progresses to the bassoon. He is now learning with Carin Bam.

Although his parents don’t practise music, they appreciate art. “My mother is the driving force behind my following of a path in music. She and I always had a passion for music and we thought it would be best for me to start music at a young age to develop my mentality as a hardworking individual,” he explains.

Over the past year, Liam has started playing the cello for more diversity. He says that the bassoon will always be his favourite instrument. Liam practises an hour to 90 minutes per day. He says that school and academic commitments limit his rehearsal time.

In his free time, the young rising star is a member of a community literature and writing group, he is also part of numerous other orchestras, including the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra (CPYO). He says that enjoy exercise and long-distance running.

He has a sister who used to play the violin, but she is now focusing on her studies.

French composer Camille Saint-Saëns is his favourite musician. "He is the only one that, I feel, tested the limits of what a bassoon is truly capable of. “His music creates the most beautiful and rich colours and tones," he lyricises.

With the motto: “Do what makes you happy and follow your heart.” Liam entered the NYMC for the third time to perform and give people a show he hopes they enjoy.

On completion of his matric, the young upcoming star wants to study music and follow his passion.