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Stellenbosch pianist returns to the NYMC fold

One of the four University of Stellenbosch (US) students who were selected for the 2021 National Youth Music Competition (NYMC) is 19-year-old pianist Jacqueline Choi from Amanda Glen in Cape Town.

At age 6, she embarked on her musical path. “I had a short attention span, so my parents thought that maybe learning an instrument could help to increase my focus. And the rest is history,” she explains.

Both her parents are involved in music. Her first music teacher was Alta Klopper. Today she is tutored by a former NYMC contestant, Mario Nell, a lecturer at the US.

Her focus is solely on the piano. “I like the piano. There's a lot of variety in the instrument itself,” she enthuses.

Not a newcomer to the NYMC, Jacqueline she practises seven hours per week. She has competed twice in the NYMC. This is her third bite at the cherry.

Her practising does not disturb the family as her brother is also playing the piano. She enjoys the music competitions and as a bonus, she gets to meet other musicians as well.

The upcoming star loves the work of French composer, pianist and conductor, Maurice Ravel. “I love his style of music and the harmonies that come along with it,” says Jacqueline.

With a life motto of: “Don't live for others,” the talented pianist feels that she is ready for this year’s competition.